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The "Hikers Club": A Philosophical Class

Josh, our world renowned philosopher, will be your guide to philosophy. The internal name of the free course is the “The Hiker’s Club” and Josh, like you, is a fellow “Hiker.”

What are the Hikers? Hikers refers to those who do not want to read the endless maps of others about where they placed all the landmarks on the “Mountain of Truth.” We must read some, of course, to get our bearings. And Josh might curate for you some short readings to get accustomed to the landscape of eternal truths. Aka philosophy.

But will you spend your whole time reading other people’s long, boring, outdated, works? No!

That is a history class, not philosophy. That is learning the history of kung fu, and never throwing a punch!

True Philosophers analyze concepts. Philosophers don’t simply memorize the analysis of others. This free philosophy course makes philosophers. Not scholars. This free course will help YOU actually understand the permanent, eternal, endearing, enduring human truths. Not memorize what someone else said about them.

We hiker’s don’t want to read yet another map of what some other hiker thought the mountain of eternal truths looked like and debate endlessly and without resolution, how jargon filled some pretender can make the debate.

How can you think freely when all you are learning is their jargon?

Instead of reading someone else’s map of the mountain of eternal truth, we will simply walk it ourselves! And then, with Josh as your guide, you will see for yourself, where that "boulder" is, and where that "waterfall" is, and where it is not. You will escape the Cave, and learn the landscape of eternal truths for yourself. Then and only then, will you know if Plato was right to place that feature here on the map, or Wittgenstein was more correct to place that same feature over there. Etc.

In other words: we will take a hike! 😊 The only way to truly become a philosopher, taught since philosophy began: walk-about the longer dao outside the city.

The subject matter could be no more important.

Only your life, and happy lives of anyone and everyone you have ever known, is at stake.

Curious what this could be? Curious how this can and will improve your life?

Join today! It’s totally and completely free. You can be too.

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Free Philosophy Course Structure

The Hiker's Club is an online seminar (discussion) based course on high to mid level philosophy with a compaion free lecture series that runs periodically. The course is designed to get "hikers" thinking on their feet about the permanent, endearing, enduring human truths. Aka philosophy. You may come and go as you please. The course is taken online 24/7 at any time you like. The course is entirely free. You may lurk and listen, or participate as you see fit. There are no assignments, only some suggested viewing / reading. One does not even need to do the suggested reading or viewing to get benefit. Our course platform is the ubiquitous and highly used Discord discussion group app, free for any phone or computer. Simply sign up to check it out!

There are rules of conduct every student must follow (join the group to read them).

Check out our free philosophy course instructor, world renowned philosopher Josh Bachynski, MA, PhD (in progress), University Instructor with over 20 years experience, TEDx Talker.

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Josh Bachynski

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