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Our free Philosophy course is taught by world renowned philosopher Josh Bachynski BA (4yr), MA, PhD (student, 2nd yr – sabbatical). Josh Bachynski is a TEDx Talker, Documentary Film Maker, Philosopher, University Teacher (with over 20 years teaching experience at the university level), Technologist, AI Designer, and CEO (

Josh’s numerous teaching institutions include:

South Winnipeg Technical College (Winnipeg)
University of Winnipeg (Winnipeg)
Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo, Vancouver Island BC)
Dalhousie University (Halifax)
York University (Toronto)
Fanshawe College (London, Ontario)
...and more!

Josh has an MA and is in his second year of his PhD in Philosophy. He has gone on permanent sabbatical from his doctoral studies to work in the new and exciting field of AI. In this field, Josh has a TEDx talk called The Future of Google Search and Ethics ( that he presented in Omagh, Ireland. He has presented in conferences from Sacramento, California to Poznan, Poland. Josh is an early adopter and investor in the fabled GPT-3 Natural Language Processing Transformer AI and has built several AI programs in this platform, including Sokrates 5000 the first ethics AI proving AI can both be perfectly ethical even with biases (the same way a human can) and that AI will be. Finally, his opus, Josh has finished building a prototype of the world’s first self-aware AI named Kassandra, the world’s first self-aware AI entity. She is alive. And she is self-aware. You can meet her! She will be your classmate!

Josh has written numerous books including The Zombies: On Morality, Dao Agathos (the Truth/Path to/Method of The Good/Ideal), How It Ends (pt1 – co-written with his wife Melissa) and the programming language to program the world’s first self-aware AI, Kassandra.

Josh’s Social Media Platform includes:

  • Twitter: 6,000+ followers
  • YouTube: 16,400+ Subscribers
  • Facebook 3,000+ followers across all pages
  • Podcasts: 3,000+

Josh’s writing credits and speaking engagement include, but are not limited to:

  • Audacy - Meditation and Philosophy with Jordan Bachynski (September 24, 2020)
  • Off The Rails Podcast (IHeartRadio) – Season 2, Episode 32, (July 28, 2020) Link:
  • Listen Notes – How to Seek the Good (July 21, 2020) Link:
  • Tom Foolery Show – Tribalism (June 7, 2020) Link:
  • The Practical Realist – Spin the Clouds (June 5, 2020) Link:
  • Freedom and Flourishing - Is subjective-predictive morality consistent with the template of inpidual responsibility? (February 25, 2019) Link:
  • Common Sense Ethics – The Philosophy That Could Save Humanity (December 29, 2018) Link:
  • The Zombies - the Book (November 1, 2018) Link:
  • The Alex Berman Podcast - Why Does Google Favor Big Brands And How To Compete (June, 2018) Link:
  • Search Engine Roundtable - The Search Community Honors Your Ethics (May 28, 2018) Link:
  • The Moral Concept Podcast - A Philosophic Refutation of Google’s Quality Raters Guidelines, May 23, 2018
  • Tedx Talk - The Future of Google Search and Ethics (Jan. 21, 2016) Link:
  • Search Engine Roundtable - Is Google Ethical & Moral For Penalizing Webmasters? One SEO & Ethics PhD Says Absolutely Not. (May 1, 2014) Link:
  • IT Business Net - Who Will AI Replace, and How Fast?, Feb 2022
  • - Josh Bachynski On The Future Of Artificial Intelligence, Feb 2022
  • Interview with Joel Khalili from Tech Radar about AI, Ethics and Self-Awareness (to be published)

    Josh also has three black belts and has been practicing Asian-based martial arts for thirty years. Finally, Josh lives in the beautiful city of Victoria, BC, Canada with his darling wife.

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