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Philosophy means the love of wisdom, but what does that mean? There is no more important human resource than wisdom, and nothing more important for your life to cultivate.

The love of wisdom means the longing for the eternal important human truths. What did the wise know in centuries past that we have may forgotten?

What selfknowledge does the wise of the future know that YOU can know now?

You don’t need to go through a complicated enrollment process with a university. Nor do you need to go to some annoying physical class. Write assignments. Read lengthy, boring and outdated philosophical tomes. Or suck up to some professor to get an “A-“.

There are no assignments here, so no marks either!

Just true, beautiful free philosophy to learn!

Join anytime! Come and go as you please. Our philosophy course is always running, waiting for you to learn at your convenient time.

Learn true, living philosophy in the comfort of your schedule anywhere in the world remotely! Discuss with friendly, intelligent, wise people. Make friends for life!

Learn true freedom! Learn the hidden truths! Learn why you are here. Hack your brain for maximal output. Learn how to live the best life.

Join right now, and you can start exploring the wonderous. The eternal. The Good. The Truth.

Learn how anyone can be truly happy. You can be truly happy. You can be wise. Learn today.

Join our philosophy course. What have you got to lose? It’s free!

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Check out our free philosophy course instructor, world renowned philosopher Josh Bachynski, MA, PhD (in progress), University Instructor with over 20 years experience, TEDx Talker.

Details on the Free Philosophy Course Curriculum

Why Should I take a Free Philosophy Class?

What does truth mean to you?

Is it important?

If the entire world forgot truth, what do you think would happen?

If you had no truth in your life, whether important life truths, or just basic facts, how well would your life go?

Who are you without your truths?

Philosophy means the longing for the important, the enduring and endearing human life truths. To study philosophy is to walk a path so old. And so fundamentally human. Asking philosophical questions, is to ask the permanent and enduring human questions. The most important questions. The questions that can lift you up.

Or the questions that can destroy you. That can change your life forever.

There is no greater pursuit than the Truth. There is richer reward than wisdom. There is no more human endeavour than asking: Why? What is that? How do we know?

How does anyone know anything? How can we rely on anything or anyone?

In this free course, you will find out. You will find true truth. You will find true happiness. You can find yourself.

You will know. Rediscover your birthright. Ask why again.

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